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Wine Grapes varieties


White. A basic grape in Jerez wines, called Jerez outside this growing area. Its high yields led to extensive planting in many Spanish regions, especially Galicia. It flourishes in Cádiz (68%), Orense, Valladolid, Zamora and Huelva. It is considered a main variety in Jerez and Condado de Huelva DOs.

Palomino Fino

See Listán.

Pansá Blanca

White. See Xarel.lo o Xarello.

Pansá Rosada

White. See Pansa Blanca


White. Plentiful in Badajoz, especially in the Guadiana area of Ribera Alta (80%), and in Albacete and Cuenca. In some areas it is known as Pardina.


 White. See Albillo


White, very productive and high quality grape. It is one of the basic grapes used when making cava. It thrives in Tarragona (59%), Barcelona and Lérida. It is considered a main variety in the following DOs: Conca de Barberá, Costers del Segre, Penedés, and Tarragona. It is also a key principal variety in DO Cava.


Red. A native grape from the Somontano DO region. It produces light, aromatic wines.


White. See Planta Fina.

Pedro Ximénez

White grape with a high sugar content. To a greater or lesser extent, it is found almost everywhere in Spain, It is most widespread in Córdoba (68%), Badajoz, Málaga and Valencia and is considered a main variety in the following DOs: Jerez, Málaga, Montilla-Moriles, and Valencia.


White. Spanish variety of early sprouting, disease and pest’s resistant, medium size, and slightly flattened berries.

Petit Verdot

Red grape originally from Bordeaux and particularly plentiful in Médoc. It is just starting to be used to make wines in Spain.

Picapoll Blanco

White. Catalonia's native grape used in the D.O. Pla de Bages. Late ripening grape that produces nice, fresh, bright yellow and very aromatic wines.

Picapoll negro

Red. Also known as picapoll tinta. The grape is native to the region of Pla de Bages and Montsant.

Pinot Chardonnay

White. See Chardonnay

Pinot Noir

Red variety of French origin found across Europe (Germany, northern Italy...), America (California, Chile...) and Australia. Burgundy and Champagne are the Pinot Noir regions par excellence. Recently there have been some examples of wines made with this grape in Spain. It is a variety that buds and ripens early, suitable for cooler northern climates. Although it is a red grape, it is also the basis for white champagne.

Planta Fina

White. Also called Planta Pedralba. Authorised by Valencia DO.

Planta Nova

White. Authorised by Utiel-Requena DO.

Prieto Picudo

Red grape which produces very aromatic, distinctive wines, rather light in colour but very pleasant. Plentiful in Zamora and León.


Red. Specially plentiful in Aragón and Cañamero areas. Authorised by Ribera del Guadiana D.O.

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