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Pago or DO Pago

A classification of high quality, single estate wines. All grape growing, vinification, and bottling must take place on the estate, or Pago.


English term used to describe the pale yellow shade of Jerez wines. Pale dry is like a fino, and pale cream is a sweet wine with the same colour as a fino.

Palo Cortado

A rare type of Sherry, usually completely dry, which lies between an amontillado and an oloroso.


Spanish word used to describe an ordinary wine with excessive alcohol content.


Combination of the aromas in a wine, as revealed during tasting.


Wine with intense aromas.


Duration and quality of the sensations which linger on after a wine has been swallowed.


Combination of the distinct qualities of a wine in any of its organoleptic phases. Synonym: carácter.


Measure of the acid strength of a wine. This value is extremely important in the wine's fermentation, storage and final character. Wines usually have a pH between 2.9 and 4.


A Spanish word for the tears that form on the inside of a wine glass.


Basic colour of rosé wines.


Fermented liquid obtained by washing fermented grape skins in water. Synonym: aguapié.


Wine with very little alcohol and body. Very thin wine.


Ancient custom commonly used in southern wines, involving the addition of gypsum or plaster to the must.


Fertilisation of vines in bloom that leads to the setting of the fruit.


Natural organic chemical substances which are very important in wine, since the colour, smoothness and other aspects depend on them.


Place where grapes are crushed and pressed.


Wine with evident signs of turning sour or vinegary.


French term applied to the bottling and marketing process for young wine, often just two months after the grape harvest.


The combination of elements arranged in layers (horizons), which make up the soil vertically.


A name given to white wines with low chromatic intensity. It is also the name of a generoso wine produced in Rueda (Pálido Rueda), similar to a fino.

Pétillant (or Pétillante)

Slightly effervescent wine in which a very slight tingling is noted as a result of the presence of carbonated bubbles, although not as strongly as in the case of an aguja wine.

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