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June 04 2022  - September 20 2022

About the event

Degusta España tastings
 are designed for people who deal with food and wine professionally: sommeliers and restaurateurs, deli and wine shops, journalists and bloggers, as well as Spanish wines lovers who want to know them from a more professional point of view.

The project started in 2015. So far, we have organized over 70 tastings on various topics, presented over 300 wines from 30 different Spanish wine regions and hosted over 1,000 professional participants.

Degusta España tastings leaders are the eminent professionals related to food and wine, such as Almudena Alberca Master of Wine, Anna Smolec, editor-in-chief of the Polish magazine Restauracja, Pedro Ballesteros Master of Wine, Ferran Centelles, head of sommeliers in the best in the world, although no longer existing, restaurant el Bulli, Julio César Sobrino, former ambassador of Spanish wines and Michał Stykowski, the only Pole with the Spanish Wine Scholar title, confirming his broadest knowledge on the subject.


Canned fish

Canned Seafood - a Spanish Delicacy

Canned fish and shellfish have been honed to a fine art in Spain - since these seafood delicacies span many decades of modern culinary history. Let’s explore Spain’s conservas


Iconic Spanish Brand Osborne Celebrates 250th Anniversary

The company, which owns more than 30 brands and operates in more than70 countries, is a leading international ambassador for Spanish gastronomy

Osborne Anniversary

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