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10.14.2021 THE TASTE OF SPAIN CHEESEOnline, Denmark
10.12.2021  - 11.12.2021 SPAIN'S DAYSUnited States Of America
10.11.2021 WINE FAIR "SPAIN - WINES IN MOTION 2021"Munich, Germany
10.09.2021  - 10.13.2021 ANUGA 2021Cologne, Germany
10.07.2021  - 10.08.2021 SPANISH DAY AT TASTE THE MEDITERRANEANCroatia
10.04.2021  - 10.10.2020 SPANISH FOOD & WINE WEEK 2021Ireland
10.01.2021  - 10.14.2021 EAT & DRINK SPAIN - WEEKS 2021Germany
09.28.2021  - 11.30.2021 EAT SPAIN, DRINK SPAIN 2021United Kingdom
09.27.2021  - 10.08.2021 FANCY FOOD 24/7 - DELICACIES FROM SPAIN FOR INTERNATIONAL FOOD BUYERSOnline, United States Of America
09.23.2021  - 03.23.2021 SPAIN DELI DAY - IBÉRICO & CHEESE SHANGHAI (CHINA) 2021Shanghai, China
09.21.2021  - 09.26.2021 SPANISH WINES IN THE HEART OF THE CITY 3.0Belgrade, Serbia
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