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Salt Cod fritters with Olive oil emulsion


Cover salt cod in large bowl filled with cold water. Soak for 24 hours, changing the water several times. Drain and pat dry.

Cook the potatoes in their skins and peel while still warm. Mash in ricer or food mill and cool.

Coarsely chop the fish and place in a bowl. Mix in the eggs, flour and mashed potato. Add the chopped green onions and parsley. Season with pepper and cook a small patty in oil to test for salt before adding any further salt. The mixture should be loose but dry enough to hold together in a disc. Adjust with more flour if needed. Shape fish mixture into small quenelles with 2 spoons. Alternatively, shape croquettes into round patties or cylinders.

Pour olive oil into a medium skillet 2” high. . Heat oil over medium heat. When there are small steady bubbles around a wooden spoon when inserted into oil, it is perfect temperature (345 °F ). Shallow fry fritters in batches for 3-4 minutes per side, or until rich golden brown and firm… Remove the fish fritters from the oil and place on a paper towel lined plate.


In a small bowl or food processor, whisk egg yolk with lemon and add olive oil in a steady stream until the desired consistency is achieved. Serve immediately. Do not refrigerate for later use.

Serve with dip or squeeze of lemon. Garnish plate with smoked pimentón.

Makes about 12 fritters

Preparation: Christine Cushing

Salt Cod Fritters - IMG
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