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Apple, ajoblanco (almond and garlic cold soup) and sardines


Remove the heads from the sardines and place in iced water for 20 minutes. Drain then fillet. Just before serving cut into very small dice to make a tartar.

Sardine oil
Sear the sardines over charcoal, then place in a frying pan with the sunflower oil at 80ºC / 176ºF. Leave to infuse until the oil has the desired flavor, then strain and keep the oil.

Apple juice
Cut the apples and blend to obtain the juice. Insert some sprigs of parsley in the juice to prevent it from oxidizing.

Apple granita
Soak the gelatin then drain and stir into 50 g / 2 oz of juice. Then add the rest of the juice and freeze. To make the granita, scrape the frozen juice.

Apple jelly
Add the agar agar to 100 g / 3 1/2 oz of cold juice and bring to the boil, stirring all the time. Add the rest of the juice and stir well. Pour onto cold serving dishes and leave to set.

Soak the breadcrumbs in the water for 1 hour. Blanch the almonds then peel them. Place the garlic and the almonds in the blender with a little salt and grind. Add the soaked breadcrumbs and blend while gently pouring in the olive oil. Bind slowly with the vinegar and the water used to soak the breadcrumbs. Add the xanthan to bind fully.

Spanish recipe: Apple, ajoblanco and sardines. Photo by: Toya Legido/©ICEX.


First leave the apple jelly to set on cold dishes. Add the sardine tartar. Next to it place the apple granita and some ajo blanco. Decorate with a few drops of sardine-flavored oil.

Chef's Remark:
"In summertime, a fantastic way of cooling down is a bowl of ajoblanco, and combined with apple it becomes even more appetizing. Sardines are at their very best in the summer, especially when eaten in the open air, preferably on a balcony overlooking the sea." Preparation by: Paco Pérez
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