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Clams in seaweed steam with essence of pink grapefruit and curled cardoon


Cook the sea lettuce, gigartina and sugar kelp in half a liter of water for 10 minutes, then drain and chill.

Place the clams in a steamer and cook in the seaweed cooking water. When they have opened, carefully remove the flesh from the shells and set aside. Strain the water used for cooking the seaweed and clams and reduce to 300 g. Set using the gelatin.

Grapefruit essence
Set aside one grapefruit for grating and another for removing the segments. Carefully peel the remaining two, removing any pith from the skin, then squeeze and strain the juice. Mix with the glucose and reduce to one quarter. Add the grapefruit skins and grated rind, cover and chill. Strain.

Wash the cardoon and place in iced water to curl. Cut into small pieces.

Spanish recipe: Clams in seaweed steam with essence of pink grapefruit and curled cardoon. Photo by: Toya Legido/©ICEX.


On a flat plate serve a few drops of the grapefruit essence and, in parallel, the clams, seaweed and cardoons. Finish with a few drops of extra virgin olive oil, salt flakes, some sticks of green apple and pieces of grapefruit segment.

Chef's Remark:

"Clams are perhaps my favorite mollusk. Their briny flavor is enhanced by the seaweed steam, and the pink grapefruit gives exactly the right touch of sourness to balance the vegetables with the clams."
Preparation by: Rodrigo de la Calle
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