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Can of mollusks from Málaga with Verdiales olive juice and nitro olive oil with Raf tomato pearls


Open up the clams in the traditional way by inserting the tip of a small knife along the sides to cut through the muscles. This must be done no more than 1 hour before serving to ensure that the mollusks are still fresh. Then cook the snails for half an hour (although the cooking time will depend on their size).

For the dressing
Mix the juice from the 2 limes and the extra virgin olive oil with the Maldon salt.

For the Verdiales olive juice
If dressed Verdiales olives are not available, place stoned Verdiales olives in a dressing of herbs such as fennel, thyme, rosemary and bay leaf, with lemon and orange rinds, garlic, a chili pepper and water. Leave to marinate for at least three days. Drain the olives and crush in the blender, then add the xanthan gum and beat with an electric beater. Transfer to a squeezer bottle.

For the tomato water
Carefully wash the Raf tomatoes and remove the stems. Cut into quarters and crush by hand for about 10 minutes. Add salt and place in a cloth filter. Hang in cold storage until all the vegetable water has drained out, for about 12 hours. Set aside the tomato water.

For the nitro olive oil and tomato pearls
Mix the tomato water, Arbequina oil and salt and transfer to a siphon. Attach 2 cartridges and very carefully spray into the nitrogen. Leave for 1 minute, then sieve through a fine chinois. Chill at -30ºC / -22ºF.

Spanish recipe: Can of mollusks from Málaga with Verdiales olive juice and nitro olive oil with Raf tomato pearls. Photo by: Toya Legido/©ICEX.


Dress the mollusks with the lime, olive oil and salt and place in a can together with a Raf tomato seed. Decorate with Verdiales olive juice using the squeezer bottle and finally, add the nitro olive oil and tomato pearls.

Chef's Remark:

"A simple but surprising way of eating shellfish without the shells. The nitrogen technique is used to give texture and elegance to this new dish."
Preparation by: Dani García
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