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News | May 30 2022

Spanish Twist on Memorial Day Picnic Basket Essentials

Give your Memorial Day picnic an international twist - with foods and wines from Spain that will be the talk of the picnic blanket.

Want to bring something nuevo to the table this Memorial Day? Here’s our pick of food products and wines from Spain to share around the picnic blanket.

On the last Monday in May, Americans commemorate their fallen troops on Memorial Day by getting together with friends and family to share good food and company accompanied by (hopefully) good weather. In recent times, the typical Memorial Day picnic has become more elaborate than ever - forget soggy sandwiches and say hello to outdoor table-setting and international eats integrating exciting flavors. Not to be left out, Spain has some delectable portable gourmet items to bring to the picnic basket.

Canned seafood

- Picos from Andalusia: These little breadstick varieties are gaining fame these days and it’s no wonder. Endlessly versatile, whatever dips you’ve got going on at your Memorial Day picnic, these little fellas will do the job.

- Canned seafood: such as the premium cockles, mussels, albacore and octopus from Spain. We’re not talking your average tuna fish here, these are top notch preserves that are perfect to pack in your picnic basket. The best part is that you can serve them straight out of the can! Just bring some toothpicks so guests can help themselves. Great with vermouth by the way.

- Patatas chips: such as the Torres brand and Bonilla a la Vista, which is also available in a can! The classic snack food becomes an elegant picnic item here. These quality Spanish versions are cooked in olive oil and seasoned with sea salt for lip smacking appeal. Torres also comes in a variety of flavors including Black Truffle, Jamón ibérico, and Mediterranean Herbs, to name a few.


- Chorizo and sliced embutidos: Easy to bring prepared, the other great thing about Spanish cold cuts is the seemingly endless variety - from soft and fatty butifarra blanca to good old jamón serrano. Tasty, umami and more-ish - they’re also great with a drink.

- Chilled wines from Spain: such as Cava DO or Txacoli, to add some sparkle to the feast, or a fresh Verdejo  wine - always a crowd-pleaser with its robust acidity and punchy grapefruit notes.

With these essential picnic items you’ve got Memorial Day sorted. Now where’s the corkscrew?!

Memorial Wine Day
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